I thought the only chance for human evolution might be aliens, but today we are changing through the internet and our creation of “distributed open trusted databases”. Physically we have evolved from amoeba to fish to man-apes to humans and intellectually we evolved when Socrates and Plato established human thought. Their use of the word ‘gnosis’ recognized a perceiver. We have now become dependent on the internet and businesses have been built by it, think Google, Facebook and Uber just to name a few. As with all things corporations are taking over so focussed on money we have become, but the internet still provides an opportunity to evolve. A Google internet search nowadays presents results according to Google’s preferences. The US election is an example, the results for a search on ‘Hilary email’ weren’t by the number of hits but an algorithm, in the time of Trump Facebook has become the source of fake news. I am waiting for a new search engine which, like Steemit, uses a ‘Distributed Open Trusted Database’ which presents search results according to your preferences. Maybe the number of hits or location or accuracy. The result to your search criteria might partly reside on any computer globally, shared resources with no server someone can control. No influence just data, an open way to access information, not determined by companies or interests. Today corporations might be controlling the data, mediating the search in hidden ways. Also there is crypto currency where we may even transcend money, the human interpretation of value. Instead we could focus on life and experience. I think life more valuable than money. Money is such a human abstraction, how much do you earn? rather are you happy? Sure we needed it for incentive to evolve to this point but maybe we can evolve further and go beyond competitive man as I’ve listed below. Indeed through artificial intelligence we have created machines that can think which has become our primary activity, perhaps inter-galactic man next?

Primitive Man
Thinking Man – Gnosis
Competitive Man – Money
Intelligent Man – Artificial


595afcc9-0e50-470b-ba15-f322eab4f078And humans are soon going to Mars. I think the only way for us to save our planet from global warming and the like is to evolve and move away from our monetisation of everything we know. Then perhaps we can take our place in the universe as the species from the blue planet in the solar system where they call the bright light the sun. I think we should start emphasising existence and experience for human beings rather than always reducing our abstractions to money. Indeed money was a useful and necessary metaphor for us, a third dimensional creature, and it has helped us to evolve as far as we have but we can now go beyond primitive man to ultimately interact with other life in this universe.

And for fellow coma victims, I think Thai massage helps incredibly as it stimulates the brain for various body sensations although the brain also seems to be remembering my defects from before coma, most notably tinnitus. The ringing in my left ear has returned. I can even remember tinnitus as it bothered me greatly.


I thought to write another post about my fascination with airports on this trip but thought better of it and not to bother any readers with my diatribe. So I write from the plane instead. We’re returning to one of my favorite places to celebrate Christmas / New Year, Ao Nang, Thailand. We have been there the last 3 Christmases I think, and met an old friend there for New Years eve a couple ago. Anyway the main point of this post is to wish other coma victims a merry Christmas and happy new year, we’ve made it to another Christmas. I can’t really remember the one before my accident but know it was at my sisters place in Eltham Australia, now Ao Nang in Thailand.

For other coma victims with walking problems the first place to start is heel / toe. I walked at the gym on the treadmill using my heel first recently, afterwards I got a familiar sensation in my leg, physical but one of confidence I thought. The very first time I have had that sensation after 5 years. I’ve been focussing on heel first for the past two years and have noticed very gradual improvement. I’m trying always to make the bad side function like the good one. The good foot turns up quite sharply when I take steps walking, if my right foot can do that naturally I will almost be walking normally I suspect. On the plane I needed to fill in my arrival card but was determined to try and do it myself rather than have my wife complete it for me as she usually does. I also often try to lift my good leg knee and balance on my bad one while holding a rail or wall with my right hand. I would sometimes fall over while trying to balance on my right leg in this way but not anymore after doing it for about a year. It’s slowly getting better. I have many such games that I play with myself to try and improve my balance, walking and the right side of my body after coma. Although the worst thing now is that my brain is remembering Menier’s disease. Just anticipating an episode of tinnitus like I had before my accident where I couldn’t walk at all. I did get tinnitus once 3 years ago, about a week of difficulty but it stopped. So many things my brain and body are telling me but I don’t know how to answer.

More interesting though are my other two common topics on this blog, evolution and global warming. Through the human creation of AI we are evolving. Also I suspect the prospects of human survival are diminishing as the planet warms. They have taken a bad turn with Trump giving important environmental posts to people who don’t believe in climate change despite the scientific communities measurements and the fact the poles are disappearing. Even Trump himself doesn’t believe in climate change. Perhaps it is time for human extinction after all. The earth will become a rock without vegetation after warming. Flying here cruising at 36,000 feet there was a fog, I remember flying at 20,000 feet there was always blue sky as you were flying above the clouds. Indeed global warming is having an impact now.


IMG_1673Well England decided today to leave the EU. Perhaps it is time again to go local. Human beings exist in physical bodies, that is the first separation, then perhaps we can talk of countries. I think we have been changed by technology, the Internet, aeroplanes, cities, etc, and have become global. Scotland chose the EU though, maybe they will still leave Great Britain. Indeed there are many attitudes towards how humanity should progress, individually or collectively. I think we have evolved and should take the collective route. The world is a smaller place today… Humans always fancy change and why not, let’s leave the EU, bring on global warming… Let’s meet at the ‘local’ for a beer, an Australianism, let’s leave ASEAN… Through technology politics is becoming so interactive nowadays, the news always comments on public opinion in Facebook or Twitter… always polling for public opinion. Perhaps politics is becoming more interactive through technology.


imageI’m back home, at the MRT coffee shop reflecting on recent events in my life, and also on humanities thinking. I can talk of facts in my life but can only try and get at the truth for the collective there are so many things to consider for humans, belief is central. For my part I’ve returned home from Thailand and celebrated my wife’s birthday yesterday the culmination of which was a family dinner at Jumbo. For the species I’ve been thinking about belief again, or human thought. We have science which people would say represents fact, observable events in the universe, science like ‘entanglement theory’, indeed we know much more about existence nowadays. Scientifically we have explored sub-atomic particles and have made remarkable progress. Science does actually hint at the magic of the universe or belief given entanglements suggestion that particles created in the same event can communicate instantaneously despite distance, change the polarity in one and it changes immediately in the other even if they are light years apart. We also have belief, as I have always said human thought is as real as the material world, it’s only that we haven’t yet defined particles to account for that discrete reality. We have always marvelled at life, maybe Jesus represents the wonderment that we live with and is an expression of that. But we have now chosen science and technology as our focus, in the past we chose belief, just a different metaphor in my mind. To explore belief, there have been Near Death Experiences (NDE)  so similar that NDE must allude to another kind of fact. There are many unexplainable experiences in human life, like NDE, psychics, mind reading… I am quite certain of the magic in life and the universe through science and belief, evidence abounds. In Thailand I was told of a man  who during an operation felt cold while under anaesthetic and saw a light and thought he should go there for warmth. A nurses said we’ve lost him and he said no I’m still here but the nurse couldn’t hear, then another voice said he must go back and then he felt cold again but survived the operation. NDE’s are quite a common event. The ‘National Geographic’ of April 2016 has an article about NDE called ‘The Crossing’ which in the beginning says “…he was dead for more than an hour and a half, days later he left a hospital alive and well. His story is one of many prompting scientists to question the very meaning of death.” I include the link to that national geographic article below, it is a good read maybe merging my two issues of fact and belief or human thought…Humans must survive global warming first, perhaps we can survive anyway and there is no death. A link to that page… link


imageThe effects of pollution are pronounced in Hong Kong, the sky has disappeared. There is a permanent smog overhead, and something of a consequent drizzle, you can almost see the smog when walking through it at ground level. I think I have seen something on the news about pollution issues here in China, to see the trouble first hand makes it an indisputable fact. Really nothing like it in Germany or Australia, only a little in Singapore but extreme in Hong Kong. As a collective we need to take some action before it’s too late for the planet and human survival. The iPhone weather app always said Hong Kong was sunny but there was never even the hint of a blue sky, the app looks at satellite data. And I thought I could live anywhere in the world, save me from Hong Kong. I’ve been here for 4 days and now and no sign of sky or stars, depressing. Just thinking about pollution and the future, my experiences in Hong Kong is in fact our future if we don’t take the necessary action… the photo I used above is taken from… link

Hong Kong

La Corba

Well I finally got to go again to one of my favourite places in this world, the airport. People in airports are suspended, their reality is about to change. Going there I thought about the over population of the world, the traffic jams of Singapore are becoming extreme. I am now in possibly the most populated country on this planet, China. Global warming is taking hold, we are no longer hunter gathers or moved about by horse and cart. I travelled here firstly by taxi and then aeroplane, my word our command of the physical has developed, aliens would however think we’re old fashioned. I am inadvertently contributing to the problem of green house gasses and looking forward to the day when ‘beam me up Scotty’ become a reality. But I’m now in China, I have been to some of it before, not all because it’s a big country, but a little. I’m looking forward to visiting that tapas restaurant again from the last time, a year ago. It’s a little further from our hotel this time. Ah, back to my life of the past and before coma, travel. It’s so good to see how other people on earth live, perhaps I will adopt some of their things that I find special, their actions and endeavours, whatever I can understand from being in China.


img_0264Recently watched the film ‘an inconvenient truth’, I might have seen it before as a couple of posts on this blog talk of very similar things. For example that global warming is effecting the weather and causing downpours, that was also expressed in the film. I have forgotten if I watched this film before coma, but at least I still remember global warming which must have troubled me. I’m sure many people have seen the film, if you haven’t seen it in my opinion it’s a must see. Scientifically it proves global warming, absolutely nobody could challenge the fact that global warming is happening and is caused by human activity. My twin brother says I should stop flying around the world to cease contributing to green house gases. Perhaps he is right but I couldn’t imagine a bigger sacrifice for me right now. It would only be a drop in the ocean but we need such actions from all people, we need to take climate change seriously. It clearly is time for drastic action. If only Al Gore became president maybe this problem wouldn’t have developed as much as it has. Instead we choose to focus on other things like money, politics, elections, terrorism, sport etc, there isn’t very much about climate change on the news now given the Paris conference on climate change has ended. For global warming not to be man’s primary concern is actually suicidal for the human species. I think that global warming will dramatically alter our planet and it will make it extremely difficult for humans to survive. Many species have already become extinct because of climate change, soon polar bears will be added to the list, eventually human beings too. Coma is actually trivial by comparison, when humans become extinct coma will end.


trump-after-he-calls-mexicans-rapists-and-drug-runnersIt will be a complete joke if the citizens of the US vote for a multi billionaire to become president, Trump. Symbolic of a culture in decay. Political ideas are not so important, you need millions and millions, billions, of dollars to represent a culture so focussed on money. Maybe he can buy the presidency. Apparently he will become the leader of the free world. He certainly wouldn’t if all humanity from the free world voted. We have descended to a new low, our evolution appears to be out of the question. And I thought we were getting close to evolving through science, technology and philosophy, becoming more interested in life and less focussed on money. True enough life is more interesting than politics. Sanders at least mentions the most important thing facing humanity right now, climate change, which I think is having an impact now, it will become devastating soon enough. He would help the free world.