I thought the only chance for human evolution might be aliens, but today we are changing through the internet and our creation of “distributed open trusted databases”. Physically we have evolved from amoeba to fish to man-apes to humans and intellectually we evolved when Socrates and Plato established human thought. Their use of the word ‘gnosis’ recognized a perceiver. We have now become dependent on the internet and businesses have been built by it, think Google, Facebook and Uber just to name a few. As with all things corporations are taking over so focussed on money we have become, but the internet still provides an opportunity to evolve. A Google internet search nowadays presents results according to Google’s preferences. The US election is an example, the results for a search on ‘Hilary email’ weren’t by the number of hits but an algorithm, in the time of Trump Facebook has become the source of fake news. I am waiting for a new search engine which, like Steemit, uses a ‘Distributed Open Trusted Database’ which presents search results according to your preferences. Maybe the number of hits or location or accuracy. The result to your search criteria might partly reside on any computer globally, shared resources with no server someone can control. No influence just data, an open way to access information, not determined by companies or interests. Today corporations might be controlling the data, mediating the search in hidden ways. Also there is crypto currency where we may even transcend money, the human interpretation of value. Instead we could focus on life and experience. I think life more valuable than money. Money is such a human abstraction, how much do you earn? rather are you happy? Sure we needed it for incentive to evolve to this point but maybe we can evolve further and go beyond competitive man as I’ve listed below. Indeed through artificial intelligence we have created machines that can think which has become our primary activity, perhaps inter-galactic man next?

Primitive Man
Thinking Man – Gnosis
Competitive Man – Money
Intelligent Man – Artificial


HealthI only write this because I’m watching the debates about the healthcare bill being put forward by Trump in the US. In Australia we only use health insurance for extras and to reduce waiting times and maybe choose doctors and hospitals. If you have lots of money you can get first class hospitals and healthcare but health is regarded as a fundamental right of any living individual. It is much the same system in other western countries. The US should remove the concept of insurance from health and tax more to provide health as a basic right. Focus on life rather than money.

I should mention that the tax system in Australia is graduated depending on how much you earn. It gradually goes up as you earn more money, the top rate for earnings over $100,000 is 49%. If you earn below $18,000 it’s zero tax, say 30% on earnings between $30,000 and $50,000 and 40% on earnings between $50,000 to $70,000 etc. In Australia the individual tax rate is up to 49%, in the US it’s 39%. These are all estimate tax rates but it’s graduated and quite a fair system in Australia which also has unemployment benefits if your out of work. And the pension if your too old to work but still need money for food etc all covered by the tax system. The country hopes to provide for all people in need but then again there is also Superannuation which is deducted from your income, partly for retirement. Citizens should financially care for the poor and in Australia they try to.


fullsizeoutput_6b0There are several news stories about fake news of late, just saw one on CNN, oops it was BBC, this is fake. They talk of technology companies like Google, Facebook, Wikipedia among others providing fake news. All these sites merely provide opinions not fact, people choose to say something on them. Perhaps they should use a different colour font to discriminate between opinion and fact. Clearly just because you read something in print it doesn’t become fact! Perhaps a consequence of Trump there is all this worry about human interaction with the world, I don’t just believe everything I read otherwise I’d have to thank Tolkien. Perhaps these internet companies should discriminate between opinion and fact. When they talk of fact like the distance between earth and mars perhaps use blue font. Maybe we all need to be more discerning in the modern world, we need our leaders to be truthful, Trump? This is merely opinion not fake news. I’m sure there are some sites that claim to be a news websites that are steeped in opinion, discern…


CNY.jpegHappy lunar new year, the year of the rooster begins tomorrow… ‘Gōng Xǐ Fā Cái’ which means ‘respectful happiness become wealthy’ or ‘happy new year’ in Chinese. It’s a massive event here in Singapore, a few days of public holiday and a unique thing called ‘lo hei’ or ‘harvest fortune’ where together with the people you are celebrating with you toss food with chop sticks. The food elements representing various things including wealth of course.


alternativeAlternative facts are not a genre of facts like alternative music. A victim of the US election has been fact, the truth. Indeed media has reported facts that have been challenged by Trump. A hallmark of western democracy is independent media. In some countries media is controlled, Russia and China come to mind. CNN now says people should Google it to check facts for themselves. The White House press secretary clearly lied when he said that Trump’s inauguration was attended by the most people ever. Obama’s inauguration in 2009 was attended by more people by some estimates. The figure for Trump was around 550,000 and Obama 1.1 million. A Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway said  the press secretary’s statements were ‘alternative facts’, a new type of fact, perhaps ‘false facts’ would be more accurate. Google it, so much for freedom of the press… better for a US president to be an ex actor like Ronald Reagan rather than an ex reality TV star like Trump… not to mention Trump is a billionaire which is a very different world from the average person…


dictatorshipThe US government itself sounds more like Nazi Germany than the media Donald. Indeed you are transforming US politics into a dictatorship. You are acting like a dictator by trying to control the media as you say the Nazi’s did, and Russia, China today. So much for the 1st amendment and freedom of speech. Let’s start World War 3 then, you just need to tell me who and what to fight for. Perhaps there will be no need for soldiers anymore and we will just use the atomic bomb.

Constitution Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.


img_0152At last the US election is over, it’s time to return to the main point for this blog. Trying to put a positive spin on the outcome of the US election I think it’s BREXIT all over again, an expression of the general dismay with politics today. And why not, we have in the past devised other systems for living, perhaps we will move away from politics. For humans in the past there was anarchy, religion, monarchy, now democracy, what’s next, environmentalism? I think we should start to focus on nature. Indeed our hand will soon be turned by global warming and the destruction of our planet. Anyway perhaps through Trump we can acquire new eyes through which to perceive the world as we become dismayed by his actions. Hillary won the popular vote, but your vote can count for more because of the college voting system, not 1 person 1 vote… A while after writing this post I discovered this video about anarchy.

Dear fellow coma victims, I have come to the conclusion that time is the only thing of benefit to us. When I say here on this site my walking slowly improves I think it has only been getting better through repetition, movement, and there is no silver bullet to repair us. Like a child my brain must develop new pathways, so I am walking like a four year old.


img_0146-1To throw my hat in the ring vote Hillary if your a US citizen and have a vote. Watching international news the world is troubled by the prospect of Trump becoming president. Recently watching BBC, foreign affairs ministers from several European countries expressed deep concerns about a Trump presidency. Beyond many countries expressing concern how could the US vote in an unintelligent billionaire? In a time of globalisation he wants to build a wall to keep Mexicans out, Germany demolished their wall years ago. And what of the most important issue facing all of humanity including America right now, global warming? He doesn’t even believe in it. Actually it’s an endless list of concerns with him, at present when humanity was about to evolve through technology and communications he aspires to separation, he himself is deplorable. Trump represents primitive man by my reckoning. It would take the entire world backwards, as did the UK’s split from the EU, brexit. I think there is something similar between these two events, his rise as a candidate and the UK split from Europe, perhaps humans are devolving. It is amusing that a US election has descended to an American sitcom, with a character that does strange things. Trump abuses people generally, women, service men, grabs women by their private parts, hates muslims, wants to prevent immigration to the US. I guess Americans love sitcoms. Is it ‘celebrity apprentice’? Ah that’s right, America needed an ex tv star to run for president. And why the president can only serve 2 terms I don’t know…


img_0005Well back to the main point of this blog, recovery. I suspect my right leg is slowly improving by trying to place it deliberately with every step. Walking has always been difficult since coma but focussing my mind might help. So much for just simply walking like I previously could. We recently went for a massage while in Indonesia but as always at massage centres I got cramp in my right leg and needed to stand up for a moment. My calf appears to be locked. I also often get cramp just lying in bed trying to sleep and must also take action and stand to try and overcome it. At massage and lying in bed I often get cramp, perhaps there is a better way to describe it, my muscles there go taut. Sure I’ve always had problems like that especially with my toes but it seems to be my entire leg now. I think placing the foot more deliberately is helping, just trying to be conscious of it in my mind. To relearn my leg and its operation the pathways in the brain need to become accustomed to the leg’s nuances. My brain needs to control it’s parts like toes and calf muscles.


img_0067The U.S election has finally arrived at something meaningful for mankind, the battle between the sexes. Indeed binary logic is a fundamental part of our consciousness. Up versus down, left versus right, good versus evil, man versus woman. I suspect even Neanderthal man would understand Trump’s binary logic. Of course I should have said ‘womankind’ and spoken of Jane rather than Neanderthal man. And I chose an asian woman for the pic on this post!