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My blog aims to help other coma victims. From my personal experience I would say getting off the institutional drugs was the most important thing for recovery. Many of the prescribed drugs perpetuated my displacement, the most troubling was Olanzapine. Medicine is really good for breaks, cuts, and obvious physical damage but doesn’t really understand the complexities of the brain. Sure we know the brain controls our organs and physical bodies but when it comes to it’s nuances and how the brain handles thought and memory we can only try.

Victims have already experienced coma so try not to displace the brain further with drugs, try being as natural as possible and just work on your memory, try and remember. Most of all try to relax, I’ve had setbacks frequently. If through recounting my experiences through coma I can help others that would be great. Several trips overseas have helped, I write now from Thailand but still type with my left hand on the iPhone, I was right handed before coma.

For the non physical effects, consciousness, don’t force memory but encourage it, just try to be yourself again. Only yesterday I was again taken for a stroke victim in Thailand. It happens to me quite often. A practicing French nurse holidaying in Thailand thought stroke. Also another person in Thailand took me for a stroke victim. When I was in hospital too staff thought stroke. Perhaps I can help all others who have had Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) by recounting my experience of it. Even standing in the shower is difficult for TBI victims, we have a problem with balance.