Facebook, now under the umbrella company Meta, wants to create virtual realities in the meta-verse for user interaction. The meta-verse is the digital universe while wearing sensory devices. The most used application in the world will become the source of many virtual worlds. It makes me wonder is this one, a virtual 2021? We will create virtual realities from virtual realities, ad infinitum. I tend to agree with Elon Musk, this is probably a simulation. He puts it at a billion to 1 that it’s not. Neuralink will be able to provide direct access to virtual realities. Virtual or otherwise this is my reality. The question begs, do you exist? Descartes said, I think therefore I am.

Am I influenced by social media? I use Facebook and Google, is my thinking guided by BOTS? They’ve said Germans were hacked by Nazi media. Are my choices my own? Do I click the alternatives I’m offered when using Google search? We should guard against neurological hacking. Beyond hacking we need to discern between opinion and fact. Lex Fridman’s interview with Max Tegmark was something of an eye opener. Max Tegmark says don’t think of AI as evil. Perhaps humanity was evil to make an African Rhino extinct, but we weren’t knowingly evil. AI isn’t evil, except by our influence, it will be vastly more intelligent. We do need to control this new intelligence through programming, that’s if we can program impartiality.


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