Mr Robot

Mr Robot is a Netflix series about computer hacking and the corruption of money. An attempt to erase debt. It’s also a good depiction of multiple personality disorder, an exploration of mind. In it a group called FSociety tries to revolt against debt thinking that’s how the elite control us.

Perhaps the best thing we can do about money is choose where to spend, a passive revolt. Choose not to buy from conglomerates but from local people, food from the green grocer at the corner. Clothes from the woman down the street who sews shirts. Everything from local people that you can have a relationship with. That way we might also stop the inundation of advertising and more easily recognize our humanity. Let’s focus on life rather than money which was only created for exchange, for financial profit. Maybe we can permanently change civilization to reflect human goodwill. As I’ve said here before, “it’s an interesting time to be alive”. Multiverse


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