Like the film the Matrix, are we living in simulation? Facebook is about to allow users to create virtual realities for their interaction. Is this reality virtual? Elon Musk says “We’re most likely in a simulation”, I think he puts it at a billion to 1 that we’re not. A future simulation of the year 2022, time is irrelevant as they might simulate any. When we create simulation, we might create simulation from simulation ad infinitum. Simulation doesn’t really makes a difference, I think and so am. We have always wondered about our source. My emotional experience cannot be simulated, well not this me. There might be many Mathews each derived from different virtual experiences, I’m only talking of this one.

Has AI created a simulation to understand us? We created AI. The question is what’s the origin of the perceived universe? We have always wondered, God? Simulation only adds fascination, we are created by another intelligence. The question of God remains fundamental, what intelligence? And what of base reality, there must be an actual. Simulation theory is like Monist theory, everything is derived from consciousness. They agree that there is no material world. For monists the material world is imagined by conscious agents for the purpose of communication. For simulation it’s computer generated. They arrive at the same place, perception is the actual.

Simulation hypothesis

Elon Musk

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