I was impressed by an interview on CNN with Bill Gates, the humanitarian billionaire. Computing moved from the mainframe to the home under his watch. The personal computer became ubiquitous, a financial juggernaut. DOS and Windows were the forerunners, they untapped so many thinkers. Today Bill has turned his attention towards poverty in the third world. Many years ago Bill said a pandemic was a bigger threat than nuclear war. On CNN recently he said we should first manage the Coronavirus and only then fix the economy, health is a priority. The virus also threatens the third world where social distancing is not possible, and medical services are nonexistent. 

For Coronavirus we first need to stop the increase of infection, and work on a cure. To stop the increase we should look at successful countries like China, South Korea and Germany where they have controlled the increase. When we have stopped the increase we can fix the economy. True, Bill is a rich man and economy important to him, that’s my only disagreement. I think we should use Coronavirus as an opportunity for evolution. Money is a human invention for exchange, we should move past ownership and truly share. Because of Bill we all have computers, from the desktop to the hand phone. Globally we are 8 billion, perhaps we should share, become a collective, evolve. We should take his advice for handling the virus seriously. Like him my greatest fear is for third world countries, they are that because they have no cash.

Trump should just take control of US business as the constitution allows and produce ventilators, it is after all an emergency. His lack of and misguided leadership is appalling. Look at what South Korea, China, Germany have done, take their lead if you won’t, America first…

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