We needed a human reboot because of global warming, Coronavirus has proven that we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also revealed a dependency on money, we are slaves to it. We can provide for everyone without money if we choose. Solitude is changing us, perhaps we will develop a new way of life because of social distancing, we are thinking more without physical activity and might evolve. It’s crippling financial markets, we will soon need to look past money. We still need to eat but can’t work because of possible transmission. When we don’t have enough money to eat we might realise we don’t need it, a human invention for exchange. We need to share but who owns? Coronavirus is made worse because today we are global. Let’s stop the transmission by social distancing and keep in touch using social media. Evolution occurs through exceptional circumstance, when we are forced to change. Indeed we have become slaves to money and may evolve past it because of Coronavirus. It is changing our behaviour to prevent transmission, perhaps we can also stop global warming.

After pulling out of the Paris Accord on Climate Change, leaving NATO, the US has stopped supporting the World Health Organisation. I think it’s important for the world to remain united, to help each other. We can help everyone today without money if we choose, provide for all human life. The virus has provoked us to change, evolve, perhaps we can also save the planet. The death rate of global warming may reach 100%, yet we seem to take it less seriously than Coronavirus. But there is a cure for warming, to live in harmony with the planet.

The Coronavirus might yet become as serious as the human immunodeficiency virus. We got Coronavirus from bats, apparently AIDS from monkeys. HIV has killed many people. The Coronavirus transfers more easily. The deaths rate is around 4%. It’s the newest plague, perhaps viruses will become more frequent because there are so many of us. Apart from HIV other recent well known ones were SARS, MERS, Polio, Ebola, TB. Essential workers in New York say that they are proud to be helping people through these difficult times, they feel they are making a difference. And reports of people being able to see the sky again in India, and the Himalayas, because of the decrease in pollution levels. We know right and wrong and might evolve because of coronavirus. There will be another pandemic so let’s learn by this one. It’s been interesting watching the film pandemic, prophetic. Plagues have happened before resulting in many deaths, my grandmother died of Polio.

Things governments are doing to manage public transmission, there are other steps for infected people.

  1. Test
  2. Contact Trace
  3. Social Distance

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