Watching the news just now I felt the need to make a public post for American readers to say that the only reason the US economy is doing well today is because of Obama. After the GFC he helped to restore the US economy and spent wisely unlike Trump.

The US wlll soon descend into recession, because of spending to help the rich. I would have to say America is the most unequal society in the world with extremes at both ends of personal wealth. Let’s stop following their lead, they’ve left NATO and become isolationist and have provided no guidance on the most important issue facing our species, global warming. To save the planet and avoid extinction they should stop emitting CO2. Really we should be taking global warming with the utmost seriousness rather than doubting scientific measurement.

Trump doesn’t believe in global warming, a sceptic or conspiracy theorist who believes it is invented by China. If Russia can influence an American election through social media I should have a go. I’ll keep it simple yelling… “GLOBAL WARMING”. All readers, make a post about our concerns for global warming. Ask everyone you know to do the same until we force action by government! If FB can influence elections we can make a difference.