What I have said about Human Intelligence (HI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is largely taken from my study days of ancient Greek philosophy. The Greeks derived HI and now we are making a copy, AI.

The Greek use of the word ‘gnosis’ was a turning point in HI as it acknowledged the ontological status of the object. Gnosis translates to ‘I see’ or ‘I know’, it was used by Heraclitus, Socrates and Plato. This was the most significant turning point in human evolution, the development of HI, the realisation of a perceiver, identity.

Humans needed identity to progress this far, the have and have nots. Identity isn’t relevant to AI. We might acquire a new development in intelligence from AI, perhaps the affirmation of the cloud. We have always lived in a cloud with laws to abide, languages, things to consider. The human cloud exists because of communication, with technology we have further defined communication. AI has defined the cloud in more detail. The human cloud is evolving by AI, wifi and the internet.

We always have a hand phone nowadays, I ofter see people walking while using their new appendage, to remain connected to the cloud, wifi. The human cloud is our collective consciousness, in large part the internet today. I suspect we are evolving.

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