Dear fellow coma victims,

I supported technology for years often suggesting reboot to fix a computer, a reboot might also fix people. Before my coma I suffered terribly from Meniere’s disease and Tinnitus. Meniere’s meant I often couldn’t walk so severe were the dizzy spells, an absence of balance. Tinnitus was a constant squeal in my ears. Both of these defects have virtually gone since my reboot. Maybe 6 years ago, about 2 years after coma, I sensed Meniere’s again, but not since.

Indeed reboot also applies to human beings, to coma victims. Maybe we should deliberately start using induced coma for human reboot. I have been rebooted. Maybe it can even help poor wiring, things like inclinations towards violence or criminal activities. We are similar to computers, they have been built in our image with AI, perhaps we can learn from them.


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