Travel again, Ubud Bali.

On a tour we stopped for a ‘luwak’ coffee peculiar to Indonesia. A type of cat, a luwak, eats Arabic coffee beans for caffeine and then shits out the beans. The Indonesians liked the coffee the beans made after luwak ingestion and luwak coffee was born. It’s become famous. Cat shit coffee, quite nice and smooth but terrible for luwaks in captivity.

Lots of handicrafts, Temples, and a sympathy for other life as expressed in Monkey forest, they have a monkey god. We went to a kecak performance with men shaking their hands at the air chanting. It was like the film ‘Baraka’. So now I know where that scene comes from, Indonesia. A good film.

Driving through Bali again it’s an industrial wasteland. A few nice spots and people, but all in all just another western city. They all have nice spots.

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