Dear fellow coma victims,

By my experience things do slowly improve by repetition.

I have been actively monitoring my stress since coma. I’m always thinking about my body and if it’s working properly, immersed in thought, and wondering about the source of my stress. I never feel relaxed. At peace. I feel my consciousness is effecting my health, my brain and thinking is the problem. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way before, psychological issues I’m sure. Probably other people have a mental condition too, schizophrenia? I just need to learn to relax, perhaps meditation. I was reminded of having psychological conditions before coma, apparently I saw a psychiatrists about panic attacks and Meniere’s disease. I can remember not being able to walk because of Maniere’s, and also the Tinnitus being an overwhelming problem. Perhaps I’m becoming myself again with these stress concerns, let’s hope I don’t return to myself then.

Entropy just came up in an AI lecture. Previously it interested me, I think in connection with black holes, a chaotic state, or maybe the absence of chaos. Can’t remember, just guessing given my lecture brought the word up. I remember the word. I think it refers to a non chaotic state. Entropy, here I come.

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