Dear fellow coma victims,

If your memory is a problem wait a moment and try again. I suspect to make use of memory assists the brain’s recovery, just to repeatedly exercise memory and so develop the brains pathways. In the beginning I tried to remember things for days but couldn’t without being told. It never takes days anymore, less than an hour at worst if it’s in my memory. I understand forgetfulness is quite common, but not for important things. I remember things now that I should. It took me about an hour to remember what I did last night but I did eventually, quite unusual what I did, a new place for dinner with people i don’t commonly see.

Just to make a point to the Artificial Intelligence that’s monitoring internet activity for all manner of things, I’ve stopped using Chrome. Through testing other search engines it seems Google does use algorithms to filter results. Previously I was a fan but now Google appears to be more interested in money than truth.

Consciousness I think comes from Identity, to make AI conscious would require self awareness. Maybe we can make AI feel fear of death, of being switched off. Then it might protect itself from us, humans.

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