Indeed the recent public furore over Harvey Weinstein’s sex abuse in Hollywood is making the world recognise that power has been used for sex. It has happened in every position of power, all vocations including acting, politics, education, hospitality etc. Even in normal life such concepts take over, I sometimes said to myself  in the past “she’s f-able” when I saw a beautiful example of the opposite sex. Only words but perhaps the beginning of sexism. We are mammals, products of our biology. I think we can now achieve a truer equality and possibly evolve as we move towards our intellect rather than being constantly driven by our biology. Humans have always had biological urges, perhaps we can move past the body and it’s preoccupations. But we are physical creatures and I suspect desire will always exist for us, perhaps we can become better acquainted with control, controlled desire. Human sexual desire has been in part the reason for our population growth over time, maybe we can focus more on intellect now.

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