Dear fellow coma victims, determination doesn’t amount to much without the detail. While being determined to walk again you must also do so correctly. There are so many subtleties to walking that have been forgotten by the brain as it builds a new pathway and these too must be relearned. I just try to copy my good leg, heel then toe and my toes still permanently point upwards. I suspect that it is only because I try to copy the good leg that it’s gradually improving. In the beginning I didn’t make sure I was walking properly and it never really improved but seems to be getting better now that I try to copy the good leg in every way. Also having been there recently I must mention that the Melbourne airport is the worst I have ever been to. So hard to find your gate and it has no view of the planes, the most impressive thing about airports. A most confusing airport. I needed to ask a worker directions to gate 12, it was actually down several corridors from the terminal and there were no signs. It was a good place when I was young but terrible now, such a simple place to arrange. Perhaps the many extra steps back and forth improved my walking…


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