Dealing with the legacy of coma is trying for us. After 3 years we expect improvement but it sometimes gets even worse. I must try harder, if I could only be told what to focus on. So depressing, I think life generally is, even for normal types. Perhaps I was always depressed, I think it’s all starting to come back to me. I’m sorry for any negativity, just trying to be honest and get off the roller coaster. We must merely keep earnestly trying with every movement of our bodies and thought of the brain.

4 thoughts on “Pessimism”

  1. Hang in there, Mat! It’s good that you’re documenting your experiences. I remember you before coma, even if you don’t, and I think you’ve been changed in some important way. We, your friends, all spoke of this – how you’d been softened or opened somehow, in a good way. Life can be a long, dark tunnel sometimes. But keep going! There is no country you can’t cross if you walk long enough.


  2. It’s all struggle, the mire… The mire has produced much fine art though, humanity would leave a poorer legacy without it. Watch a Tarkovsky film perhaps, since you were asking for suggestions, and then write a short story.

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