AI seems to be designed after our own intelligence, no longer artificial, but conscious. Perhaps there is something more to us than the mere routing of information we store in our brain. I like to think there is much more to us, but it seems that if you turn off the brain all human functions cease. Like walking. Once a pathway is closed, by coma for example, we have unlearnt what once travelled that pathway and must develop a new route in the brain, learn again what we once knew. But humans have created and learnt many things, for example, film. A recent film “interstellar’ considers wormholes, another human observation this time about our universe. We are not just routers of information but also add meaning to it, thought. Have you ever looked up theories on the development of our most fundamental ability, eyesight? In early humans millions of years ago eyes were a very basic organ that perceived light, then shapes, and ultimately our inventions, all objects. Oh brain, please let me walk normally again. A macchiato my friend with scotch chaser, we are always being chased…

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