It was raining a short while ago, Singapore weather, it constantly drizzles with the stuff. And it does feel wonderful to be rained on. To feel is a blessing, physically and non physically. We are physical people, we need such things like rain to experience life, and of course the sun, all physical things and their effects in this world, and obviously thought too, which is of a different order. I am so amazed by the stories coma victims have on the internet, they come out of coma and speak languages unknown to them, many surprising things happen to coma experiencers. Very suggestive of something other, beyond the things we think we know.

One thought on “Rain

  1. It’s the monsoon season in Singapore and that explains the excessive rainfall. We’re indeed fortunate to be rained upon as opposed to snowed upon or melting under an unforgiving sun. Watching Interstellar triggered fresh thoughts about global warming and how bad we have become as custodians of this earth.

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