The most incredible theory of quantum is entanglement. Perhaps evidence scientifically for consciousness. It states that if a particle is changed sub-atomically, another particle at enormous distance is changed simultaneously.

Particles created in the same event that have travelled huge distances apart remain connected. Measured to be instantaneous, when the polarity of a particle is changed, the other is also changed. These particles communicate faster than the speed of light. it has been proven on Earth.

Just search on google for entanglement theory. Einstein thought of it as ‘spooky action at a distance’.


  1. Yes, I too have read good reviews of Interstellar, Martin. Some have touted it as the modern Space Odyssey by Kubrick. We’ll definitely try and catch it 🙂 I think the entanglement theory affirms that we’re all energy and interconnected through time and space. It sounds like the stuff of magic…two particles simultaneously changing at the sub-atomic level without the need for physical intervention.

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  2. I have sometimes thought that looking at a picture of yourself as a child gives you an immediate sense of entanglement, a sort of intuition about it. You have to look hard but and feel a bit responsible for the child’s dreams. Have you seen Interstellar yet? You are going to love it I reckon.

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