I cannot remember how long ago I watched the film “transcendence”, it was a profound plot which I actually think is happening today through the internet and sites like wordpress, blogs. We are becoming more independent from our physical bodies, and becoming much more our thoughts, no longer hunter gatherers but technological entities. I can be anywhere today and communicate with anyone that chooses to read this blog.

I’m back at the Bukit Batok coffee shop now and it’s great to meet you all here. Perhaps we will entirely overcome our physical being as the film suggests and ultimately no longer require bodies, something close to my heart for I have experienced the diminishing control of my physical body, the separation of mind and body, perhaps we are on the verge of evolution. Like our concept of heaven just maybe we are creating it now through this human invention, through technology and the internet. We have always had brains and thought but perhaps we are elevating those things to be beyond the physical objects that we think are necessary to create them, the brain organ.

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